Who I was yesterday may not be who I am tomorrow!

My plans change as I move forward. I re-opened Etsy a few days ago, after shutting it down just over a year ago. My main goal is to enjoy my life and to do what I love. The last time Etsy was open, it was going really well, things were selling, I was busy and making some money. The problem was, that at the end of it, every time I made a sale, I made a grunt or a groan….Time to shut it down, at least for a while. Last week I made a jewelry shelf/cabinet for a friend and really enjoyed the process, so it’s time once again to open Etsy. This has also inspired me to come back here and continue on where I left off. I would hope that moving forward, as I change what I do and how I do it, at least I keep this going (my blog) to show the process.
I am blessed to have great friends in Northern California and also house/pet sit for some of those fabulous people and I feel that this is my base, it’s a very solid yet fluid base. I do however feel the pull to travel the entire states. At the moment I will move out and come back, and then go further and come back. The reason being that my storage is here and my EBay shop is housed in that storage. I need to open a new Ebay store that I can take on the road. One that only sells light weight and small items, and the more that that store is up and running, the further I can travel and the longer I can stay away.
My long term goal is to find a homestead. A piece of land with a small cottage, a barn for storage and to house a workshop. Enough land for many fruit and nut trees, a large kitchen garden and multitudes of animals…….Chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, maybe a cow or two and dogs and cats…..Where? I have no idea at the moment.
My shorter term goals are to purchase a Sprinter van and custom fit it to make my own perfect-ish camper van that I can travel around the US in, and buy and sell interesting items on EBay and also have a mobile battery operated/solar charged work shop to make things on the road and sell them through Etsy. this life style affords me the time and resourses to go back to England a couple of times a year for extended periods and spend time with my lovely family 🙂
I’ll keep you (and me) posted as I move forward through time and space.


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