Repurposing Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

When they are in great condition, I think it is a shame to break them up, as some people would love to keep on using a beautiful old treadle sewing machine, but when certain parts are getting a bit funky, it’s a good idea to part it out and either give the part a new life as something completely different or sell it on Ebay as a part for someone restoring one that has funky or missing parts.


There’s so many parts to play with!!…….The side legs I have turned into console tables.

1 has sold and 2 are available at time of posting. Pine top Here…..and reclaimed redwood top here.

The middle cross beam and pulley, I am turning into an industrial shelf with vintage hanging light from the pulley (Coming soon).

The sewing machine and some hardware I am selling or have sold on Ebay and the two sets of side drawers and middle drawer will become some part of a piece of furniture. The wood parts on top are a little shabby around the edges and so will get cut into smaller pieces and used on projects as needed.

They are quite the little goldmine these beauties……I have bought 3 so far, 1 for $40 and 2 for $50. You can sell the side legs for $100 alone or up-cycle them like I have for an even greater profit. The sewing machines range in price depending on the model. Usually $30-$60. The screws, bolts latches, hinges etc will add up to about $80-$100 when sold separately. Treadle foot about $20. The pulley will fetch around $25. The guard about $10-$15. The back brace $25. Both side drawers $60. Middle drawer $15…….The real profit is for sure is in the up-cycling of the materials though.

More photos to come as I make more stuff from the parts.

Happy Hunting.

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