Reclaimed Barnwood Original Artwork “Horizon”

I started making mosaics from wood using the left over pieces from the hardwood flooring jobs I would do. I was forever throwing away the offcuts and decided to use them in art. I no longer lay floors but I love the style I developed from the earlier pieces I made.

When I first put this together, I was going to add paint strokes to it, like the ocean driftwood one in the link above, but I like it just the way it is. I see the white line about a third of the way up as the horizon and at times it looks like a little sleepy shipping village at night and at other times it looks like earth viewed from space.


This piece was made from 5 lengths of reclaimed lumber that had been aging in the elements for many years.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Original Art Work “Horizon”
36″tall x 29 5/8″wide Total
28 3/4″ tall x 22 1/8″ wide inner tiles
Roughly 1 3/4″ per tile
All parts of this artwork has been salvaged from estate, yard sales etc
Signed on the back at the bottom “Horizon” Daren Andrew Mann

Here’s the link for purchasing on Etsy.


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