Spice Racks

I decided to make some of the things I used to make on Etsy, but this time using reclaimed materials……I think I can find enough wood out there in the waste stream to do this and also keep them looking relatively consistent. Everywhere I go sourcing materials I ask if they have any unwanted wood and so far have picked up quite a lot!!.

Here’s some spice racks I made last week and also 12 colors I have to work with.

More colors will be added to as I move forward and I think I can mix my own colors eventually to match the ones I have now? Maybe not the dark colors?. Just have to keep my eye open…..Here in Nevada city, the dump has a huge container full of cans of paint and you can help yourself to the paint for free……..And people bring more and more paint every day to up-cycle…Pretty cool.

Large spice racks are 24″ wide x 13″ tall x 4″ deep and cost $65…..Black and Brown one is here on Etsy…….Black and Green one is here on Etsy.

Small spice rack is 18″ wide x 12″ tall x 4″ deep and costs $50…..Green and Yellow one is here on Etsy.




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