Antique Tiger Oak Cabinet

Antique Wall Cabinet Tiger Oak with Original Artwork Back……Using 100% reclaimed materials
26″ x 18″ x 6 3/8″

Beautiful antique wall cabinet/cupboard with 2 adjustable shelves
14 different heights for the shelves (Although the top 12 and bottom 2 would be really small)….The adjustments are roughly every 2 1/2″
At the moment they are set at top: 9 1/2″ mid: 6 3/8″ and bottom: 7 3/4″
Found this piece at an estate sale in Berkeley California.
It was missing the door panel or glass in the door so I replaced it with some vintage rabbit wire that I found at a garage sale in Nevada city……It’s not rusty at all but it has dabs of rust colored enamel paint to give the impression of rusty.
It has all original hardware and screws and nails (Except for the staples holding in the rabbit wire)
The shelves were also missing when I found it, so replaced them with reclaimed wood.
The shelf braces on the side are original
The shelves inside measure: 17″ x 5″
I was going to replace the backing as some of it’s veneer had come off, but it is so solidly on there that I decided to leave it and paint over the shabby-ness with acrylics bought from a garage sale.
Painting is original work by me ……….Art Nouveau Tree


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