Personal Alters:2

Decided against decoupage and opted for original artwork on the second one. It’s art nouveau meets chakra birds!



Personal Alter made from reclaimed refinished redwood fencing.
Sanded and stained with red stain.
12″ x 12″ x 5 1/2″
Original artwork of Art nouveau tree and multi colored birds in acrylic.

The wood, paint, stain, plywood back, hooks, nails and screws were all yard/estate sale finds

7 Chakras are represented by the birds.
Crown – Spiritual – White bird in top middle – All Elements
3rd Eye – Perception – Green bird top left – All Elements
Throat – Expression – Purple bird top right – Ether
Heart – Love – Red bird middle right – Air.
Solar Plexis – Power – Blue bird bottom left – Fire
Sacral – Sex – Yellow bird bottom right – Water.
Root – Survival – Brown bird bottom middle – Earth.

Back stamped: Hand crafted by Old Country General….Feb 2016 and has the list of chakras as above.

Here’s the listing on Etsy.

Here’s the original Personal Alters post

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