Syncing Bonanza to Ebay

Bonanza is an online market place like Ebay except there are no auctions, just “buy it now” with “make offer”. When you sell there, you sell from your booth, not a shop, like on Ebay. It does not have anywhere near as many members/buyers as Ebay, but having a booth is free, no monthly charge, no per listing fees. You just pay them a fee once an item has sold. The coolest thing is that you can easily sell everything that you have in your Ebay store on Bonanza as well, and it’s really easy to sync the stores. Once synced, when one thing sells on one, it is removed from the other, and every time you list on Ebay, it also gets automatically listed on Bonanza. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to set up a booth at Bonanza, and it will do all the work in transferring all the items from your Ebay store, into your Bonanza booth, and you can forget about it until something sells, then they send you an email and you ship it out as you would with Ebay.

Copied from the website:

No setup fees, no contracts

7 great reasons to sell on Bonanza

1. Free listings It’s always free to list on Bonanza, and listings never expire.

2. Low fees Sold an item? You keep about 97% of the money.

3. Free distribution Every item you post is sent directly to Google and Bing.

4. Customer service We have been a seller-centric, customer-first marketplace since day one.

5. Checkout options Use PayPal, Checkout by Amazon, or both.

6. Bonanza-only features Every store has built-in chat and customization available.

7. Relentless simplicity We obsess over “the small stuff” to keep selling painless.


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