Personal Alters

When I left Hawaii, I sold a lot of stuff, including my personal alter that I had fashioned from an old wine crate and covered with images that struck a chord with me. I had cut out many images from magazines from all kinds of beliefs and backgrounds, including christianity, buddhism, neopaganism, new age ceremonial magic, dia de los muertes and much more. This alter was covered in some great imagery, very colorful Decoupage-ary. I had built some shelves into it which housed nik naks, candles, pot of gold, bell and dorje, flowers in a vase, photos of loved ones and much more. It was a place where I would light a candle for a friend in need, make wishes for the future. Health and happiness for all and on occasion request a little cash kick back for me and others. It was a place that held my hopes, dreams, wishes, desires and requests from the Universe/God/Higher power. I loved it. And now I’m gonna make some more. They are about half the size of my original alter, but it’s a start, just to see if there is some interest in them. They also, conveniently fit perfectly in a USPS priority large box. I’m gonna make them and then put them up for sale on Etsy, and while they are still with me, I am gonna use them and charge them up with some good juju.

Here’s what I got so far :

They are both made from reclaimed redwood fencing and the backing from plywood that I found at a yard sale. The one that is almost done is just raw, natural, weathered. The next one has been sanded and I’m not sure if I am just gonna stain it or put a coat of paint on it and then sand it again and then stain it?? We’ll see. They will both only have the decoupage on the back. The first one is an alter for someone who feels a connection to the earth and all things, and maybe feels an awakening with them to become the best them they can be and strive for that on a daily basis………..The second one will have a different feel to it…..Check back and see!

I did mess up on the gluing part of the pictures on the first one!!……They have a few bubbles in them……Will be more careful on the next one.

Here’s some close ups:

It has five hooks to hang whatever tickles your pickle and the alters will come with all kinds of nik naks that I find out in the world, definitely including a vintage bottle that can be used as a vase.

Check it out here on Etsy.




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