Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives sell pretty well on Ebay, whether they’re new, vintage or antique, as long as they are good quality. All the knives shown below were purchased in the past several months, all for under a buck and lots of them for pennies.



I get them at Yard/garage/estate sales and throw them in with other stuff I buy and get bundle prices on them, or people just say take em for 25/50 cents or a buck!

I had been putting them in a drawer and that just got completely full this past weekend, so today I decided to list them all!!. ….I spent the morning cleaning the blades and oiling the handles and then this afternoon researching their worth and whether to sell them as singles or groupings. There were 51 in total, 11 of which were kind of funky or had no markings, and so they went together in an auction starting at $19.95. 3 of them were really nice Wusthof knives valued at about $30-$50 each. 11 of them were steak knives that split in to two sets at $25 each and the rest were all singles valued between $9.95 and $24.95. I paid no more than $30 for the lot of them and listed them all for a total of $580. I listed them all on Ebay and most of them are just “buy it now”, a few are “buy it now” with “or best offer” and two lots are auctions, so probably end up with $500-$550. Not bad for a small investment and a days work. With my experience to date, I think they will all sell within a year. Kitchen knives are popular for collectors, chefs and homemakers that are replacing a missing knife from a set or building up a set.

It’s a good idea and it makes things so much quicker when you list a bunch of similar things one after the other………You just press “list similar item” after each listing, and all the fields are mostly filled out……You just have to change the details and photos.

Here they all are cleaned up:


Here’s the list of makers among this lot: Wusthof….Henckel….Foster Bros….RS Stainless Japan….Case….Cordon Bleu….Forgecraft….Old Homestead….Frontier Forge….S.H Kress….Personna….Chicago Cutlery….LF&C….Ekco Flint….Rogers….Flint Vanadium….Signature time and Good cook…….I got lucky with a few of these.

The names of makers that you will probably have to pay a little more for, but pay back great dividends are: Cutco….Henckel….Wusthof….Shun….Friedr Herder Abr….Boker….Murray Carter….Messerstahl….Nenohi Nenox….Misono….Tojiro….Glestain….Clauss and all kinds of good quality Japanese sushi Knives stamped with Japanese characters…….The trick is to get a feel for quality, people will always buy quality. If it feels good and you can get it for cheap, then it’s worth the gamble, and when you get it home do the research. The more you research, the more the same names come up, and the more you remember…….I love the constant education that treasure hunting brings.

Happy hunting 🙂


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