I created some artwork a few years ago. Using left over wood from flooring jobs I had done, also from construction driftwood that had landed on the shores of Maui, from who knows where…………..I’m in the process right now of creating a workshop type space, where I can get to it with the wood and things I find out in the waste stream. Should be mostly finished in a few days, and then I will get back to creating some artwork…..Whoooop!!!

Here’s some things I did a while back:

They all sold 🙂 via Etsy……..The greeny blue one shown here is from the construction driftwood and is of the ocean, it got a lot of interest. I got a large commission from it that turned out really nice (Can’t find the picture right now?) It was to be based on a picture from a wedding/honeymoon on Maui with a funky driftwood tree on the beach and the couples wedding leis (Flower necklaces) hanging from the tree…….I used construction driftwood except for the driftwood tree, where I used driftwood branches, so it popped out, and used an old farm gate as the frame……The guy commissioned it as a ten year wedding anniversary present for his wife, and he wrote me saying she was still crying two months later……Really looking forward to making more art.

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