Disston Saws

You will find lots of Disston saws when out and about in the yard/estate sale world. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of conditions. I’ve Only bought two in the last few years and they had to be in good condition for me to bother with them. That is until this week……I found a Disston saw in pretty good condition and it felt really nice to hold, a very solid tool, so I did some research outside of searching Ebay for prices, which is all I did before, and I found “The Disstonian Institute….Online reference for Disston saws”.


It’s a great resource for identifying the saw you have by showing plenty of photos and excellent descriptions. Once you have the info of the exact saw you have, you can now search Ebay for prices, and the prices vary hugely……You can do really well with saws from the 1800’s and early 1900’s, even in not so good condition! as there are people who specialize in restoration, and sell them for hundreds of dollars once restored……I always love the idea of bringing things that are made well, back to life and back to their original beauty……Even if i’m just the middle man.

A lot of the saws at yard/estate sales are missing a screw or have a rusty blade, or the handle has a crack in it and you can pick them up for a couple of bucks and under. It won’t be long before you can match a good blade to a good handle, with all the screws. You can also sell the blades, handles and screws separately as the restoration people are always on the lookout for parts.

Here’s one I bought for a buck and sold for $70:



It’s a Disston old #7 26″ rip saw….From 1900-early 1920’s


This one I sold before I found the resource….It’s a 28″ miter saw with a damaged handle and rusty blade……Paid $2 for it and sold for $40



Here’s a few more I just got:

The bottom one is a D-23, straight-back narrow width saw. Brand new old stock form the early 1990’s……I got it for $2 and should be able to sell it for $50-$70. The one in the top left is an old # 12. 26″ rip saw pre 1927. Got the two on the right with a bunch of stuff for $10, so paid about 50 cents each-ish. Not sure what the one is in the top right, but it is an older saw with a skewback and is 26″ I am gonna hold on to the two on the right and either, clean them up and make them whole or part them out. I’ll keep you posted.

Good luck hunting 🙂

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