Organizing ya bits’n’bobs

When I left Hawaii, I sold all my bits n bobs, including nails, screws etc and as I am about to set up my workshop I will be needing some more bits n bobs. So Iv’e been replenishing my supply recently at yard/estate sales. I got all these storage drawer sets and the very heavy duty workshop dresser below all loaded with goodies for $28 from 2 different sales.

Not bad when you consider it costs $2-$3 for a few screws at the hardware store……One of the multi drawer storage boxes now has all engineering screws and nuts in many sizes, another is loaded with screws, another with small nails, and one with all kinds of nuts and bolts. The wood tote has large nails and the plastic cases have electrical do da’s, miscellaneous gizmo’s and a load of cool vintage tools. It makes sense to keep it all organized, that way you can easily find what you need, when you need it. I think that’s easier to do for some than others…..For me, I have to sort it all, it must be in my dna?

Found this 5 drawer cabinet, originally used for lighting gels for film. Picked it up for $20 and it’s great for storing my nik naks for steampunk embellishment!

I love buying junk drawer lots and such at sales. They are usually very inexpensive as it just looks like a load of junk to the regular human eye, but to the modern day rag and bone man it’s pure gold and sometimes quite literally……I found a 14 carat gold wedding band in a tool box with a bunch of bits’n bobs in it a few weeks ago…..Looked like a washer, coz it was in the tool box, but I took a closer look and sure enough its gold alright……There’s gold in these here hills. My first piece of gold discovered in the gold country itself, Nevada City California.

If you take the time to sort and organize you will have much at your fingertips to sell and play with and you never know what you’re gonna find.

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