Kennedy Tool Boxes

Kennedy tool boxes are so well made and impossible for me to pass up at the right price. $5 or $10 is usually the asking price at sales for the regular boxes in ok to good condition and the machinist boxes are a little more.

The one on the back left I paid $15 for and $5 for the other two. They do have a very strong following of buyers online and the two drawer one in the front you can expect to get $50-$60 and maybe $35-$40 for the one far right and about $75 for the machinist box on the far left. If you want to spend more time polishing these up, then people will pay more and if you find them in excellent condition you can easily double those prices. The really nice machinist boxes are hardwood and are highly sought after. Expect to pay more for those at sales, but will sell well online and you can make some money if you buy at the right price.

I like to use these until they sell……..The only problem is that they are so bloody heavy to begin with, and if you fill them with tools you just have to leave the box in one spot. Perfect for a workshop but not for on the go tool kit.

Add on: Feb 4th……..2 Drawer one in front sold for $59.95.

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