Yard Sale Extras

The Army cabinet, miniature hand made drawers, and the  Simmons all metal chest of drawers, all came from the same yard sale but were not shown in the front garden where the sale was held.

When you start talking story with people at their sales, it’s amazing what can materialize from their house or other storage areas. Just a little jogging of the memory will do it. I usually tell people what I am looking for and sometimes it’s things they would not have thought would sell like weathered lumber, broken or incomplete furniture and rusty stuff, or sometimes it’s stuff they forgot about because it’s tucked way back in a distant storage.

This sale was a bit of both, the two larger pieces of furniture were in a storage area that had a few leaks and the bottom of both had some water damage and the miniature chest was hidden away in one of the simmon’s drawers.

The army chest had no casters when I got it and had sat directly on the ground, so it wicked up water. The bottom two drawers were really swollen and hard to get out, although all the drawers needed sanding to help them fit smoothly, it did get easier towards the top. I sanded all the loose crusty paint from everywhere, gave a little clean to the label plates and painted the engraved numbers on each drawer, then rubbed on a dark stain all over followed by a coat of satin finish. It’s very functional now, perhaps as a bedside table or what I am using it for as an art supply storage…….I will price it high at $395 as I don’t mind having it around for a while. It cost $5 and I put in a days work (8 hours) to it. The casters and finishes were from yard sales, so cost pennies.

The miniature hand made three drawer chest is very cute….You can see it’s scale on top of the large five drawer metal simmons chest. Comps on this one sell for around $50 and it cost me $3. I think I will just hang on to it for a while or price it at $75 and see what happens?….I use this strategy a lot and it works well. I get to keep cool stuff or someone else decides it’s cool and they can’t live without it and pay a little over the odds. I generally don’t have sellers remorse for long as I find more cool stuff.

The Five drawer all metal Simmons chest of drawers is very nice but with a little surface rust around the base as it was in a wet area for a while. I really like the surface rust patina but it may put some people off. In great condition this would sell for between $500-$900. As I said,this one is not in great condition, but I have it up for $695 or best offer . I have received a few lowball offers around $250, but I will hold out for $450. Once again I would rather keep it around and enjoy and use it til the right offer comes along. I paid $50.

I have found (and I say it often) that everything sells eventually, it’s just a case of being patient until the right buyer comes along.

Edit…….I Did sell the Simmons chest for $450 on Craigslist to a very happy lady who came all the way to Nevada City form San Fransisco.


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